Being a photographer is only a small part of what I do. Sure, I know my way around a camera, I know where to look for nice light, and know how to compose a powerful photo. But that’s not where the magic comes from.

It’s the experience you have together that counts. Knowing that you aren’t being posed or staged, but more documenting and telling the story of the real you. The feeling you have during your day, the mood and atmosphere, the energy, the laughter, the connection. This way we can create images with soul and purpose. I’ll join in seamlessly, letting you revel in your day as you’ve planned it, recording all the moments so you can re-live it as it really was.


I'm a proud dad, a good friend and a passionate photographer. 

Having grown up in the country, I’ve learned how to have a pretty laid-back approach to most things. I know never to leave a farm gate open, I know when the ground clearance on my four wheel drive ain't going to cut it, and I know how to appreciate a good sunset. 

From our home in Wanaka, New Zealand, we’ve got an incredible playground at our doorstep, almost like being a destination wedding photographer without having to leave home!

I've been shooting weddings since graduating from my graphic design studies in 2008. I’ve seen and learned a lot in that time. When I’m not taking pictures I’m busy spending time with my family. Any spare time I have usually has some form of snowboarding, four wheel driving or adventure involved!

Let’s grab a coffee or a local beer and see where our adventure can go…

Photos by Elsa Girault