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Erica & Reese / Dunedin Couples Session

Erica & Reese are an amazing couple. Visiting our shores all the way from Boston via a cruise ship stopping in Port Chalmers, we decided to grab a Dunedin couples session while they stayed. Hoping for some cloud to soften the summer brightness, we were greeted with beautiful, moody weather and even a little rain right at the end. Venturing around the Dunedin hills and waterfront, this is some of what we captured...

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Phoebe & Kyle / Terrace Downs Wedding

Phoebe & Kyle’s Terrace Downs wedding was epic. Nestled among the southern alps of Canterbury, and marking the end of winter, these two awesome people organised an absolutely beautiful occasion. Not only that, that did it all from their hometown of Townsville, Australia. The legendary Canterbury nor’ west wind didn’t disappoint, howling straight off the snow and keeping the guests (most of who were acclimatised to 30ºc+) awake and well refreshed. It didn’t deter Phoebe & Kyle though, keenly venturing into some more exposed places along with some more sheltered locations to create some incredible images. Here’s how they turned out…

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