The Art of Anticipation

Wanaka Wedding Photographer — Andy Brown


Your wedding story should be real. I’ll balance artistry and anticipation to record the connection of yourselves, your family and your friends as it really was. You should be able to sit back and enjoy each and every moment to the fullest. No awkward poses — just natural, genuine documentation. I’ll be the most relaxed photographer you’ve ever been around!


There’s something captivating and beautiful about weddings. It’s the one day that finally arrives that has consumed your energy for so long, yet you still have no real control over. Capturing that wild experience is what I love — natural and unscripted. I work hard to get to you know you as people, and to create that important connection that allows us to craft your distinctive story.


Think of your wedding as an adventure. I’ve found couples that work with me are usually in the same mindset — couples who are connected to the outdoors and aren’t afraid of getting amongst a little adverse weather, or hiking up a hill to create some epic pictures. I’ll go where ever you go, and can help guide you through the layers that will make up your personal story.


I’m a proud father, a loyal friend, and a passionate photographer based in Wanaka/Queenstown, New Zealand. Raised in rural Canterbury, I’ve got a love for the outdoors and natures elements ingrained into me.

Images that speak to me most are the ones I know will last — that will have sentimental value for generations. I’ll fit in like a guest at your wedding, letting you go about your day as you’ve planned it, and I’ll record all the moments (spontaneous & crafted) that piece your story together.

When I’m not shooting or editing, I’m getting creative as a senior designer at a leading studio based in Queenstown. And when I’m not designing, I’m all family — usually with some form of snowboarding or adventure involved!
Let’s grab a coffee and see where our adventure can go…