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Olga & Tom / Lake Tekapo Pre Wedding

Olga & Tom’s Lake Tekapo pre wedding session (actually a post wedding session) was incredible. Recent snow on the mountains, the sun was out and temps were warming up a little from winter. Having recently returned home from their wedding in Russia, we lined up a nice weather window and headed to Lake Tekapo and the surrounding areas. They even bought their fur babies along for the last part of the shoot. Super connected souls, beautiful setting — couldn’t ask for more. 

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Jamie & Andrew / Lake Pukaki Pre Wedding

If you know the Lake Pukaki and Lake Tekapo areas, you’ll know why the region is a haven for couples to have their photos taken. Jamie & Andrew’s Lake Pukaki pre wedding session was awesome. Hailing all the way from Christchurch, we met mid way to begin our session at Lake Tekapo, moving south toward the fields of Lupins and finally dancing in the last sunlight in the presence of Mount Cook. Too good!

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Felicity & Andrew / Lake Tekapo Elopement

So often we're shown big weddings as being the dream, however more of the couples I work with now are going very low key or simply eloping. I love it. It takes real courage. Felicity & Andrew's Lake Tekapo Elopement was awesome. Their ceremony was held in the nearby Raincliff church, intimate and close. We then trekked across the alps toward Tekapo for a picnic, a trumpet serenade, and more photos. With temperatures just reaching 5ºc, these guys were absolute champs and an absolute blast to photograph. Thanks to Erin Waldron for shooting with me.

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